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About us

Let the data work for you

Our company motto accurately captures our mission, which is to help our customers with building intelligent business systems
based on the data, systems that will allow them to take the right decisions at the right time.

AMBICA s.r.o. is Czech software and consulting company that delivers intelligent software solutions and services specializing in Business Intelligence.

We areprofessionals in Information Management, our core competencies are:

  • traditional BI/DW, including Self-service BI and Data Quality Management,
  • its modern varieties / lines / … as mobile BI or social BI,
  • analytical CRM – data mining approaches, campaign support,
  • management support – systems for planning and management of organizational performance,
  • intelligent software solutions „tailored “ – to develop web and desktop applications on demand.

We support your business success

Our philosophy is the maximum success of projects, with the success we do not only comply with the scope, time and budget. Success is the maximum utility supplied solutions for business success client.

We build on professionalism, experience and partnership

We support your business


In our development and consulting team working professionals who have many years of deep practical experience in analyzing, designing and developing BI/DW solutions and applications. Thus, we are able to design the optimal architecture and deliver a modern, efficient, open and user-friendly solutions.

Business knowledge and experience

Our customers appreciate not only the technical expertise of our consultants, but also knowledge of business issues, which enables us to deliver solutions to the maximum extent supporting our customers business. Know-how that AMBICA can offer, is mainly based on practical experience gained on many projects over the last ten years.

Reliable partnership

Our clients are successful organizations from different verticals of business. Since our entry to the market in 2004, we have implemented many commercially useful solutions to further support and expand. Because of this, we perceive our clients as a reliable partner in the world of data.