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AMBICA company has delivered many innovative solutions to successful trading, service and manufacturing companies. Today AMBICA is developing a range of activities as well as in the segment of insurance, financial institutions and companies providing telecommunications services. Thanks to this AMBICA has extensive knowledge and experience and is able to understand the current challenges to ensure these companies a competitive advantage.

Our customers are:

asko ASKO a.s. is a modern logistics center holding the leading position among distributors of wood industry products on the Czech market. Storage space, modern shelving and handling logistics operations to allow continuous supply of 6,000 items of goods that are shipped in the Just-In-Time or within 48 hours, anywhere within the distribution network.
The solution implemented by AMBICA based on the traditional concept of BI data warehousing. The main objective was to encourage reporting solutions and implement ad-hoc analysis in a user-friendly environment. Information is easily and readily available and are presented in an easily understandable form in a graphical environment. The solution covers all the basic business processes – Finance and Ledger, Purchase, Sale and stock records.
coleman Coleman S.I., a.s. company is based in Vsetin and it is a trading company offering comprehensive services in procuring materials for construction and reconstruction of roofs. In the area of information management is the largest emphasis being on the analysis of sales materials, it is also equally important to track inventory and purchases, assets and liabilities and the impact of activities on indicators of Finance. The solution BI/DW for COLEMAN S. I. is the commission system. Solution to cover the information needs of different types of users at various levels of the company hierarchy, each of which has restricted access only to those parts of the system that need for their work.
čailh 173109 Czech ice hockey association (CIHA) is a civic association which organized all events in ice hockey in the Czech Republic. CIHA organized at the central level the Czech Extraliga, I. and II . Men league, Extraliga and juniors league, Extraliga and Cadets league and older women. Through regional unions then extraliga and younger league and other men league, junior or junior pupil competition. CIHA sends Czech ice hockey team (including selections youth, women, veterans and sledge hockey players) to the international game.
AMBICA created for CIHA application SRR (System for the draw referees), which facilitates the selection of referees for matches and interactions between different actors organize games through a web interface. Easy fixtures referees for the match is complemented by an automated e-mailing and SMS, notifying the referee, with all the necessary details to match what they were chosen.
cslh1 The Czech Ice Hockey Association (CIHA) is a civil society organization, a national governing body of ice hockey in the Czech Republic and one of the founding member associations of the International Ice Hockey Federation, founded in 1908.

The CIHA centrally organizes the following competitions: I. & II. liga (second and third highest senior leagues), U20 Extraliga and liga, U18 Extraliga and liga and the Women’s League. Through its regional associations, The CIHA is also the organizer of the U16 Extraliga and liga and other senior, junior, midget and youth competitions. The CIHA sends the Czech national team (including junior, veterans’, women’s and sledge teams) for international games.

denta Dentamed (ČR), spol. s.r.o. provides its customers a complete range of dental equipement. Equips comprehensive dental practices and laboratories, including securing funding (through DENTAMED Leasing, hire purchase DENTAMED Finance or extended due date of invoices). Performs customer service to a wide range of devices. Provides its services using a nationwide network of business advisers.
For DENTAMED implemented AMBICA required standardized Business Intelligence solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (BI4Dynamics) developed by the Slovenian company NPS Group.
profi EASIT s.r.o. is a young dynamically developing Czech company focused on the development of complex systems lottery. The solutions are constantly being improved with regard to current trends in the betting and lottery environment and in accordance with the requirements and wishes of clients.
The company was seeking a supplier with experience in data analysis, who would designed and created a default solution and running for one of the clients, taking appropriate way involved in the development and deployment of personnel for EASIT to subsequently be able to independently develop solutions. This supplier after winning the tender became AMBICA and started with the company EASIT collaborative development of BI solutions for the lottery.
jednotacb Jednota, spotřební družstvo is a company with a long tradition in the retail and food production. It is one of the largest consumer co-operatives in the Czech Republic. In Jadnota originally ran creation and modification of the financial plan in the current information system. This support has been planning process did not meet the demands of financial management or users. AMBICA has developed for a solution based on the product Plan4s, which the author. The system supports all necessary planning processes and allows a clear presentation of plans and reality in the form of OLAP cubes with the possibility of sophisticated analyzes that this technology allows.
konica Konica Minolta Business Solution Czech, spol. s r.o. is a leading supplier of complete printing solutions, mainly deals with the sale or lease of printing and copying techniques and their subsequent servicing. In the area of information management is the largest emphasis being on the analysis of these key processes. Therefore, the area of Sales and Service are also most important parts of a BI/DW solution. This includes more areas Finance, Receivables, Payables, Purchasing and Inventory thus covering the complete information needs of different types of users..
profi Oborová zdravotní pojišťovna zaměstnanců bank, pojišťoven a stavebnictví is the third largest employment insurance in Czech Republic and has branches and sub-branches not only in Prague but also in selected locations other regions. The public is then particularly attractive by offering a wide range of services and high quality, reliability and professionalism with which these services are provided in the second widest network of contractual leading medical facilities. In addition to managing the statutory scheme creates funds to improve health care and prevention have from other sources, which are then used to secure additional care about their clients.
AMBICA is the OZP partner who provides services in the development and implementation of BI solutions. They are training BI technologies for IT workers insurance, support for the development of reporting and analytical applications, and other consulting and expert services.
profi Profireal Group is a multinational financial group active in the financial markets of Central and Eastern Europe. It is one of the leading providers of loans and credits in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. Its product range caters to private clients and businesses, individuals and legal entities. Part of Profireal Group consists of two divisions. Companies PROFI CREDIT division operates in the area of financial loans and credits, company division PROFIDEBT deal purchase, management and collection of external debts. A group in the Czech Republic, the company PROFI CREDIT Czech, PLC and Profidebt, Ltd.
In the first stage of cooperation built AMBICA data warehouse solution that include mainly financial reporting.
Next phase of collaboration focused on solutions to support the management of an integrated system for performance management indicators (KPIs) and monitoring the strategic objectives across the company PROFI CREDIT.
Setos, s.r.o. company was established in 1992 and it is leading cellphone and photo technology seller in the Czech Republic. Setos company runs an independent cellphone store network called Space,  Nokia and O2 shops. In recent years, Setos company also added Apple stores network called Apple Premium Reseller and runs also series of e-shops.
173109_TFS Toyota Financial Services Czech s.r.o. company was established in 2000 instead of former BB-Leasing s.r.o. (est. 1996), based on the purchase of 100 % share by TOYOTA FINANCIAL SERVICES company originating in Great Britain. Cooperation with AMBICA company started at 2014, when TFSC s.r.o. bought our BI solution. Our solution covers business and management analyzing needs and in enables specialists to immediately analyze information of their car sales, financing, establish market coverage and check current situation via realtime KPI using preset criteria.
TRADIX company philosophy is based on providing complex services to customers in the construction industry and in their region they are one of the biggest distributors. Tradix company bought our planning system called Plan4S, which allows them to easily create effective business plans, budgets and forecasts.
173109_ZVVZ ZVVZ MACHINERY, a.s.  was founded on the 1st of September 2010. It is a sales-production company possessing  the know-how to deliver fans, semi-trailers, flaps and closures. The company provides production according to customer documentation for ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s. and also for other client and they are a specialized supplier for Megtec also delivering air-conditioning pipelines and silencers for non-heavy industry. Our solution in ZVVZ MACHINERY a.s. covers all the needs of economic, purchase, business and human resources departments through KPIs and other views.