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AMBICA Academy


AA_levelAMBICA is primarily a practical implementer of BI solutions. However, many of our activities directed to the education sector, for two basic reasons:

  • Customers who implement BI solutions or plan to implement it, need information, not only in the form of technical training BI technologies, as well as methodologies and practices proven implementation procedures and usage and adoption of BI solutions to typical users.
  • BI market and customer base of the AMBICA company keep growing, so is the preparation of BI consultants and developers for a professional career in a software company specializing in the supply of BI solutions a priority for the company.

Therefore, we decided aforementioned educational activities to concentrate under the brand AMBICA Academy. This way was found an educational institute, which is to some extent on other commercial activities of the company independent. On the other hand, uses practical know-how that AMBICA and its consultants gained on many projects over the last ten years.

Educational programs focus on two main target groups – corporate customers and university students. For each of these target groups AMBICA Academy Isntitute prepare special program.