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Intelligent applications

Intelligent Applications

Specialized applications oriented to „core business“ processes of organizations. Intelligent applications no only support key customer processes, but also provide the essential information needed for correct decisions that save costs or contribute to an increase in turnover and uncovering new market opportunities. Applications of course are developed „tailored“ to the specific needs of customers, but are also enriched with „best practices“ of relevant industries.

Platforms and Technologies

Our applications are usually based on Microsoft technologies and utilize desktop and web architecture. Especially in the field of web applications we can implement applications on open source technologies. We have carried out such as the following applications:

  • Desktop ApplicationsAMBICA Automatic Referee Assignment System (ARAS), Applications for customer management, AMBICA Plan4S
    Technologies used : MS SQL Server, Visual Basic, C #
  • Web Applications: Reservation system installation crews, System for draw of referees, Web self-service, Web service for customer management
    Technologies used: MS SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, ASP.NET