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Next generation BI

Next Generation BI

Mobile devices, social networks, voluminous data, cloud technologies . All these trends have an impact on how companies interact with customers, partners and employees to increase their competitiveness.

AMBICA reacts to these new trends of the next generation BI solutions that support significant capacity building and economy of organization with increase user satisfaction.

Mobile BI

mobileThe development of new types of mobile devices and ubiquitous connectivity has changed the way people use technology in all aspects of their lives. Also changed technological environment that people expect from companies – whether as employees (or, more generally, on the level of professional interaction), or as customers. In terms of business mobile users to keep business going anywhere. In terms of today’s consumers want the customer ( and in many cases expected ) that companies will be able to communicate through a sophisticated mobile environment. From both of these perspectives is evident that mobile devices have become a fundamental element of competitive differentiation. How does your company keep up?

Adoption of mobile solutions can help you streamline workflows and reduce the time required to deliver the final value. The emerging trend and technology will allow considering opportunities outside the premises of the office, deeper customer engagement and competitive advantage.

AMBICA can help you take advantage of the latest technologies that provide access to BI solutions and applications in real time and thereby increase your agility anywhere.

Social BI a Big Data

Combination of social networking as a lifestyle and inexorably increasing number of devices through which people connect and communicate, gave rise to a generation of unused data sources. These data represent a significant potential that can help companies compete more effectively and prosper. Infinite volume, velocity and variety of data, on the other hand it is a sign represent a major challenge for companies which do not have their thorough analysis and business value. It is important that companies which begin to analyze in depth the potential of big data, choose the solution that in addition to large data taking into account also the analytical business intelligence capabilities.

The top priority of business analysis is to facilitate understanding of the data. AMBICA provides tools and solutions that help reduce the complexity with which business managers can meet, when trying to understand the data themselves. An important factor is synchronization, which ensures that the data are available at the right time and in the right format, at the moment of decision.

With the right tools business analysis, your employees will be able to:

  • find the hidden potential in your company’s data sources that were previously ignored,
  • understand trends and their links with their own internal data,
  • recognize patterns on the basis of which will be made forecast future business opportunities and will be possible to anticipate customer needs.


cloudMicrosoft Corporation considered a cloud-based service for the path that leads to a significant strengthening of competitiveness, economy of company and enhance the user experience – both in company and in its interaction with the outside world. Cloud is definitely an opportunity to redefine the role of IT and other business functions in the implementation of business strategy.

The value of cloud in relation to mobile, social and data trends lies in the fact that it creates an environment that enables employees and partners to achieve greater productivity. Cloud offers the following benefits regardless of the device location – thus increasing user adoption and productivity at lower costs. Microsoft cloud technologies focus on end users and facilitate the work.

AMBICA designs and supplies also BI solution for Microsoft cloud environment . The basis of these solutions are platform Windows Azure  and SQL Azure.