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Management support

Corporate Performance Management

From strategic goals definition, their transformation into financial and business plans, up to running evaluation of their fulfillment with interactive panels and adjustable KPI sets.

AMBICA, s.r.o. offers following solutions for corporate performance management:

Planning system Plan4S.
Profitability optimization and cost allocation.
Strategic management support.

Planning system (Plan4S)

AMBICA implements its own system for planning and forecasting of financial, business and operation indicators called Plan4S.
Application is designed as complex planning system for planning on central level and also on strategic business unit level. There is a possibility to plan “top down” or “down top” or even to combine those two approaches. The core of our system is financial model, which allows users to plan many object such as turnover and account balance. It also allows user to plan aggregated or calculated indicators and key performance indicators.
Plan4S solution supports creation of your own planning models, for example selling plan (and in chosen structure – by products, projects, customers etc.) in cases, when classic accountant and organizational unit view is not enough.
These planning models can be integrated to financial model and you can immediately see the impact of selling forecast changes on planned profit.

You can work with plan in month granularity with a possibility to dissolve annual values into certain months according to time curves based for example on real values from previous years.
The process of creation and modification of plan and forecast is supported by various simple and sophisticated algorithms, managed in administrator application. User access rights are based on user’s roles.
Consistent, consolidated and accepted plan, its versions and forecasts are saved into planning database for their presentation in future and confrontation with reality.

Profitability optimization and cost allocation

Support for economical organizational management. Our solution can help you improve transparency of corporate economics, costs and performance flows across the company and support contract and product calculation.
The solution allows simple allocations (dissolution) of costs (%, evenly,…) complex cost models and calculations (costdrivers, dependences,…) or intradepartmental transactions (periodic operations with intradepartmental prices,…).
Another part of our solution is supporting of needed functions, from indicators definition (financial/nonfinancial, apparatus for formulas), through dimension management, generic (organizational structure, time…) and user (product, project, buyer,…) and processing automation via preset workflow steps (ad-hoc, periodical) up to outputs and data for corporate reporting.


Unification of reporting to a common base, especially economical and legislative standards or standards amongst holding companies.

Strategic management support

AMBICA implements systems for company management support, based on assumption that we can manage only those things, which we can measure. Because of this, every one of our solutions has a part for measuring performance (Performance Management System), either it is performance of individual organizational units, processes or entire company. Systems implemented by AMBICA company are in most cases based on BSC method.