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Open Business Intelligence


Our solution based on open source technologies, from databases up to web analytics a dashboards. It is a competitive alternative to commercial BI platforms, all of that with minimal costs.

Open BI represents an interesting and competitive alternative for traditional BI platforms based on Microsoft or Oracle products.

We developed Open BI as a complex BI solution, from database and data warehouse management and data pumps management over creating of analytical models up to their publication via web application, which means visualized access to actual data practically from any place.

Compared to commercial solutions for example those based on Microsoft, Open BI offers savings on royalties, which is not at the expense of solution quality. We use only tested and reliable components ensuring effective and seamless work with your data.

Our verified components are databases MySQL, Postgre, Vertica for data warehouse realization, Kettle integrational tools, Mondrian analytical model and Pentaho a Saiku providing presentational layer.

Open BI represents budget friendly and reliable alternative to commercial BI platforms.


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